Writing as Kevin Egan

     A SHATTERED CIRCLE (Forge 2017)
     THE MISSING PIECE (Forge 2015)
     MIDNIGHT (Forge 2013)
     THE PERSEUS BREED (Pageant 1988)

Writing as K.J. Egan

     WHERE IT LIES (St. Martins Minotaur 2009)

Writing as Conor Daly

     LOCAL KNOWLEDGE (Kensington Books 1995)
     BURIED LIES (Kensington Books 1996)
     OUTSIDE AGENCY (Kensington Books 1997)


“Pulling the Hagen” Whispers   (1983)
“Cousin Jackie” Fiction Supplement  (Tampa Tribune 1995)
“Snapshots: Uncle Dom 1962″Rosebud  # 26 (2003)
“Judge Battle” (2003)
“Little Nancy Curran” Small Crimes (2004)
“So Pretty” Fedora III (2004)
“Rosa’s Window” Rosebud   # 33 (2005)
“Dam Bridges” Dan River Anthology 2005
“Big Jim’s Winter Dream” Rosebud  # 38 (2007)
“A Small Circle” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (Jan. 2009)
“Bob” The Westchester Review (2009)
“A Thin Line”  (2009)
“Midnight” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (Jan. 2010)
“Black Hole Devotion” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (June 2010)
“The Pipeline” The Westchester Review (2010)
“Work Lovers” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (June 2011)
“Second Summers” The Westchester Review (2011)
“The American Professor” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (Nov. 2011)
“Reconciliation” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (Jan. 2013)
“The Bookseller’s Tale” The Westchester Review (2014)
“Term Life” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (June 2014)
“Joe the Terrorist”  Thuglit # 13 (Sept. 2014)
“The Wizard of 60 Centre Street”   Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine  (Jan. 2016)
“The Heist”  Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine  (July 2016)
“The Book of Judges”  Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine  (Oct. 2016)


Local Knowledge    1997 Washington Irving Book Award for Fiction
Buried Lies               1997 Washington Irving Book Award for Fiction

“Black Hole Devotion”    Distinguished Story (Best American Mystery Stories 2011)
Midnight                   Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2013
“Term Life”               Distinguished Story (Best American Mystery Stories 2015)